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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Shuttle Now Arriving At Platform K Has Been Held Up By Knob Cheese

I'm a bit long in the tooth me. Don't usually moan & can normally sniff bullshit at 20 paces. However, I reckon I have been reet duped today. When a lad fannys about giving you his number & sees to be too good to be true. It probably is.

Long story short, I finally got his number, called and this guy answers. "Yo its Khead off ladslads!", "who?", I say again, and it's the wrong fucking number. Now either I'm just getting paranoid, could be a gen mistake, but the better part of me knows I've just had me time royally wasted.

This I had to get off me chest. I am supposed to be at this lads around 9, he did say he would ring to see how I'm getting on. Funny thou, still hasn't yet, still hasn't replied to me message online saying 'Can I double check the number you gave me?' Fuck it. I've skinned up & had a big line of K to chill out.

Stay tuned bat-fans for any other exciting developments. ie Naming and shaming in the next hour.


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