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Friday, August 25, 2006

SeKret Mission

Hi drugsex fans! This is my 1st on-the-spot report. I feel like Kate Addie only less masculine. As I type I am wearing a towel. Where could I be? That's right recreational drug lovers, I'm in a sauna! Myself at 34 have just been fucked by a 24 year old?! Wots THAT about? Who knows? His cock mind, well it was fat, and hard, and I made him cum. During he's like "are you gonna come?", and I'm like "no man". If you're like me, once you cum that's pretty much it. Having just been in position for an hour, its weel to early to be spillin' any seed. So anyhow he came. I seem to have a knack. Did the usual "yeah, cheers, thanks alot!!", bumped into him again at the lockers. This is where I asked his age. He seemed nervous. Who wouldn't be, I am a reet catch & a damn gud shag. He was putting his clothes back on, awwww. Seems this old dawg is out lasting all the new tricks. HOORAH FOR ME!

So now I go back to the beauty of the Basement Sauna Lounge. Fag in hand, cock still twitching watching Quincy ME on a widescreen plasma TV. Now what have YOU done today to make you feel proud? Think of this as a running commentary rather than a full report. I make my leave to secretly sniff more K which is delftly hidden in my cig packet (Richmond Menthol 10's for all you cigafetishists).


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