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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Gaydar FuKKwits

Picture this.

A Brummie in Brum(yeah I know), quite fit starts a private (dancer) chat. Within 4 minutes he's on about a meet. GPS puts us 168 miles apart. It's not gonna happen. I let him know this, maybe I'm not clear enough.

I'm in Wigan but can't accom. I travel, but not to Birmingham.

Seems straight forward enough. Doesn't it?? I get a brew and come back to the following. Obviously my snidy and sarcastic comments I have added here for comedy value. I'm not Attila the Hun. I just ignored the punter & felt inspired to um Blog.

hows about we go halfs & halfs in a hotel for a sat night sumtime
How about you pay we play?

im looking into buying a caravan down weston super mare way, maybe cud go there for a weekend soon
Firstly CAVA-FUCKIN-VAN?!?! I'm not Barbera Dickson. Second, Weston Super-Where the fuck?? I already said I ain't travelling to Birmingham. Finally, 'a weekend' woah nelly!! 48 hours with a 1st time Gaydar fuck!?! I'm lucky if I can manage 6.

Wouldn't mind you druggin me up and taking advantage
Yeah I'm sure you wouldn't. I'm an addict, not a dealer I have problem enough keeping in credit let alone feeding you the precious.

Get the picture??

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