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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Kick My Local Sauna Into Touch

Wide-screen TV they promise. Last time they had 'Heartbeat' on. Now...Dora the fuckin Explorer. When things go downhill they do so fast. So begins my Komments, I will summarize later and send them a strongly worded E-mail.

-The end toilet of 3 don't flush properly (plus there's a non-glorious big hole in the wall.
-The lights are out in the steam room.
-The floor tiles are loose in the sauna.
-The cabins don't all have locks (wot's a lock cost at B&Q??)
-The toilet on its own has no toilet seat, nor lock AND the door jams!
-The vending machines need stocking up more regularly.
-The 2nd lounge area is just lame, put the PCs back.
-The main lounge area has ripped leatherette couches,looks cheap

Apart from that, it's Kool with a K. I shall continue to kick it, as the letter demands. Been here 3 hours and still not had a fuck. Wot IS it that men want? Who fuckin knows! The really fit lads keep givin me the nod, but it's just an E-head nod.

PS Guess where I am?? I'm wearing a towel. Have I said too much?


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